Thronecoming C A Cupid

I have only recently started to collect Ever After High dolls, my favourites are Madeline Hatter and Raven Queen.

I had never even considered buying a C A Cupid as she had never really appealed to me, however during my last trip to Smyths to buy either Epic Winter Maddie or Crystal Winter I noticed they had Thronecoming dolls in stock.

I know Thronecoming was released in 2014 so these dolls are fairly old now but my Smyths had them for sale for just €15 each!

I saw Apple White and Blondie Lockes first, neither of which really appealed to me, but as any toy collector knows always look to the back, and there she was C A Cupid.

The moment I saw her a knew I had to have her, she is so pretty and her dress is gorgeous. I love all the glitter.

The attention to detail on this doll is amazing, she is covered in love hearts with them on her face, in her eyes, on her beautiful pink dress and even her wings make a love heart shape.

Her accessories are as you would expect, she has 2 bracelets, a bag, spectacular earrings and her Thronecoming mask, plus super sized wings.

As you can see from the pictures she has beautiful multi hued pink hair with glitter strips, it is a little frizzy at the bottom so I might recondition it but I’m not sure yet.

And finally we come to her shoes, amazing gladiator heals with pink tassels and of course more love hearts.

There was only one thing I didn’t like about this doll and that was her stand, anyone who has this doll will know, it’s a stand that she basically sits on. I found it was too tall for her and no matter how I positioned her it was like she was floating, plus I found it really hard to position her on it so she wasn’t leaning back. Infact I found it so hard to position her that I actually broke the stand when I was taking her photos. 😠 Luckily she can stand on her own.

But other then that I love this doll and I’m not even sad that I had to leave Maddie and Crystal behind, I can pick them up next time 😁.

What do you think of Cupid and which Ever After High dolls do you have?


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