New Directions

Good morning, afternoon or evening (depending on when you are reading this) and welcome to my blog.

I decided to start a blog about the new items I have started to collect. I recently discovered the world of Kawaii and I want to try and share the joy and excitement I feel when I get new things, and hopefully build a friend base with like minded people.

I have also started collecting Ever After High dolls, I argued with myself for such a long time about starting a collection of dolls, mostly because I’m a 33 year old mother of 3. Lol

In the end I came to the decision that I should do what makes me happy, 99% of my time is spent making sure everyone else is happy and I need something for myself. So far I have 4 the newest one bought yesterday ( but I’ll save her for another blog) I also have 2 coming it the mail which I could not be more excited for.

I collect other things too, vintage My Little Pony as well as some of the new toys, I love the equestria girls minis so a few of those might make their way into my house 😁

Books are another passion and craft of all sorts, all of these things will make an appearance on her at some point so please stick around.

Thanks for taking the time to read and I hope to see you again soon 


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